Legal Aid Mediation Service Purfleet - Children & Money Issues

Family mediation is one of the most effective ways of resolving family conflicts. With mediation, both parties work together towards a common goal and help achieve the set objectives in a less stressful manner. Additionally, since the parties involved in the process negotiate their own settlements, they have more control over the results of their dispute. This way, the parties become more satisfied with solutions that have been mutually agreed upon compared to those imposed to them by an adjudicator. Mediation is also flexible, and agreements made between the parties can be changed when circumstances change. What’s more, when one party decides that he/she doesn’t want to participate anymore, then mediation process can be terminated without any repercussions.
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We help with Child Related issues for separate couples

Children Issues When it comes to addressing children issues, mediation focuses on the future. This means that the mediator will be neutral and the process will ensure that the children enjoy meaningful relationships with both parents. In the end, mediation will go far in helping to eliminate the negative effects of court processes on children.

Need help to resolve financial mediation matters?

We understand the going through a separation is a stressful process in itself and you\’re possibly not in the right frame of mind to take the correct financial decisions for yourself. Our \’Family Mediation\’ service can help you through those tough times. Our impartial and professional mediators are trained to amicably resolve disputes involving property and assets between former partners.