Legal Aid Mediation Services in Birmingham

After the divorce, make sure that you can effectively preserve the financial assets of your family as well as your emotional state. And this is made possible with the help of legal aid mediation. Free Family Mediation will ultimately help you stay in control over the situation while creating the best solutions to guarantee the best interests for your family. 

Introduction to Mediation

Legal separation or divorce may cause a painful experience to the involved parties as well as it may appear confusing concerning the legal arrangements. By means of considering a legal aid mediation, it becomes easier for you to create solutions while minimizing a financial and emotional harm during the processing of assets and liabilities.

When you and your partner decided to end your relationship, legal aid mediation can offer you valuable options to minimize the impact on your family and children. After the divorce, you need to make an essential decision concerning family issues which can affect the lives of your children. Mediation can help you have effective arrangements related to parenting guidelines and health and educational issues of your children. Also, it provides you with the best advice on how you can handle and get through complicated matters while you are focusing on providing your children best interests.

When you have no children, mediation will help you solve your separation issues. In this case, you have a better chance to preserve your emotional and financial assets instead of spending these assets by putting an effort to disengage your relationship. A mediation process is an amazing tool in preparing your future after ending the commitment with your ex-partner.

2 Conflicting Factors During Mediation Process

Although you are so much ready to solve your separation issues, there are some factors that might affect the completion of the mediation process.

  • Aging Parents. Your age can be a major cause of conflict between you and your children since you have to make a decision about the parents’ care. Meaning, you will be deciding which of you will stay in the care of your children as you age. Mediation can offer you a help to avoid any harm to the relationships.
  • Family Estates Settlement This matter can also lead to a conflicting situation between your children which mighty result to lifelong estrangements. By means of legal aid mediation, you can solve your issues regarding inheritance and division of the family estates.
In case that one of these factors or both might rise, you need to find a dependable mediator. A mediator will help you all throughout the process while ensuring that you will keep your family relationship strong. Also, mediators are known to have strict training in providing a fair solution and make your decision-making more efficient.

What Benefits Can Legal Aid Mediation Offers?

When you apply legal aid mediation in settling your relationship and creating parenting arrangement, you will be benefitted a lot.

  • Mediation can help you have a better understanding of the real situation or what will be the real scenario as you undergone settling everything;
  • When considering a mediation service, it becomes less stressful for both parties; you will avoid the more conflicting situation with your ex-partner
  • Legal aid mediation provides you a quicker and most importantly a cheaper way to resolve the problem compared to court battles
  • You have the opportunity to change the agreements in case the circumstances changed
  • Mediation helps you lessen the upsetting scenarios or damage on the part of your children as well as help them continue having a normal and satisfying life.

Before proceeding to the court, it is ideal to consult for legal aid mediation so that you can reach an agreement the quicker way and avoid more conflicts as time goes by. It is also recommended to consider this kind of service right after the separation so that from the very start, you are aware of the necessary actions in protecting your financial assets, family and children.

What Is Assessment Meeting?

Mediation process comes with assessment meetings which are intended to review your real circumstances, suitability or eligibility for this kind of service. Thus, this kind of assessment gives you the chance to completely determine your benefits in reaching an agreement before going to the court. You have to be aware that there are three types of assessment meetings.

  • Alone Assessment Meetings this means that you are the only one who agreed to the mediation and you alone will attend the meeting
  • Separate Assessment Meetings this involves both parties in the agreement to have mediation, but one of you will attend the assessment meeting
  • Joint Assessment Meetings this means that both parties agreed to the mediation process and you and your ex-partner will attend the assessment meeting. This provides a more effective screen for domestic abuse.
If you think this is the best time for you to consider a free legal aid mediation services in Birmingham, don’t hesitate to contact Free Family Mediation now!