Mckenzie Friend

Mckenzie Friend
Sometimes a Mckenzie Friend can provide a useful support system when the cost of a Solicitor is not possible. Contact us today to find out more

Benefits And Categories Of Mckenzie Friend

There are many cases have been increased with time and people have to present themselves in the court. Within all type of cases, family cases are increasing. Family case may be in between two families or it may be two members of a family. For resolving your family case, if you are thinking that you should have to take help from legal authorities, then you can go to court. When you go to court, for submitting application of your case, you will surely have need for lawyer and not everyone is capable for paying charges taken by lawyer. But, it is sure that you need legal advice for solving your case, then what can you do? For solving your family issues, you can do litigation by yourself and it will be exhausting experience for you.

You can hire a person who will go to court and sit with you in the court. This person will also assist you in each stage of your family case. You can hire this person from McKenzie friend. A McKenzie friend is legal person who will help you to write all important things regarding of your case and suggest you best advices for your case proceedings. McKenzie friend is not the lawyer and does not have right to ask questions from witness as lawyer have but it will be available in the court for giving you moral support. No need to hire lawyer with high fees. Get McKenzie friend at cheaper fees and represent yourself by own in the court with your McKenzie friend. McKenzie friend will sit with you in the court and provide you best advices for litigation that you can raise in the court.

If you have to represent your case in the court by yourself, then do not worry about this. Take McKenzie friend with you and you will have many benefits for having McKenzie friend. Person, who has family issues, must know about benefits of McKenzie friend before going to court.

Benefits of McKenzie friend are:

  • Cheaper as compared to lawyer
  • Provides you moral support
  • Give one of best legal advices
  • Creates and collects effective information from court and write it on to paper
  • Will give you legal advices which are helpful for you

McKenzie friend is categorised into 2 categories which are follows:

  1. Some McKenzie friend may have former experience of the legal system and also have information about law enforcers and the social workers.
  2. Some McKenzie friends are those who have faced the same legal cases or have experienced that how to solve cases.

Demand of McKenzie friend in current scenario:

In past years of family cases, person takes a family member or loved one to the court as a McKenzie friend. Person gains moral support from McKenzie friend and no need to give any fees to him. In the current time, need for McKenzie friend is increasing for each case to solve family issues. A person can hire McKenzie friend in easiest way because he takes less money as compared to lawyer. These days, professional McKenzie friend are also available and you can hire any one of best friend who will give you proper moral support and best legal advices. All state government in year 2013, made new law that family related cases may have McKenzie friend. There are many types of family cases like employment, child contact and debt. Due to this rule of states govt, demand of McKenzie friend increased.

Suppose, you did not visit the court before and do not have any experience that what will happen in the court. So, it will best for you to have McKenzie friend with you in the court. He has specific qualification if you hires professional friend. He will expert in giving you moral support and best advices. Judges in the court also give permission to take McKenzie friend with you. There are many rules which have to be followed by McKenzie friend. If he does not obey any of rules, he will be out from court. During all court hearing, McKenzie friend will give you best legal advice and these advices will be helpful for you.