Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility

Who makes the decision around your child when you separate? Mediation helps couples work out a plan

Parental Responsibility & How Mediation Helps Couples

Parental responsibility refers to the rights and privileges that a parent or guardian has over a child and is responsible for their upbringing.

Parental responsibility is particularly needed from the time the child is born until the age of eighteen when the child is presumed to be an adult and can make their own sober decisions. Parental responsibility is given for the best interests of the child.

Some of the parental responsibilities and obligations include;

Parental responsibilities and obligations

The duty to protect the child from danger, abuse and neglect
The duty to give moral guidance to the child and which includes naming the child
The duty to provide the child with all the basic needs; food, shelter and clothing and also education.

Parental guidance can be given to a person who is not the biological parent of the kid upon agreement by parties attached to the kid such as relatives or by a court of law. Parental guidance is key in ensuring the proper upbringing of the child. The importance of proper parental responsibility and guidance is explained below;

Importance of parental responsibility and guidance

· It ensures that the parent or guardian can make sound decisions on behalf of the child.

· Parental guidance ensures that any disputes concerning the child can be handled maturely by the parental figure who maybe a parent or guardian and who is above the child.

· Parental responsibility moulds the child’s behaviour and character which will guide them in their later adult life due to early upright upbringing.

Where Mediation Comes in

Mediation can help couples sit down and work out a plan when it comes to the parenting of their children. The mediator won’t judge or tell you what to do but can help in ideas and suggestions.


The importance of parental responsibility cannot be underestimated due to the vital role it plays in shaping the behaviour and determining the character of a child. It remains the responsibility of any parent or guardian to take their parental responsibilities seriously to avoid any conflicts that may arise in the family unit and in society. Every parent needs to get involved so that they can guide their kids on the right path.

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